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On a summer Sunday morning, my mother gave me two quarters, one for my Epiphany church envelope, the other for the most incredible slice of pizza I ever tasted- church pizza I called it. After Mass, I'd stand in line at New York Bakery and watch the man stretch the dough across a big square pan, then spread gravy all around the pie with a huge ladle. He'd slide it into a gigantic brick oven in back of the store, then pull out another sizzling, baked-to-perfection pie and slap it onto the counter. It smelled like heaven. The flavorful steam rose into the air, officially welcoming Sunday to South Philadelphia. He'd roll the pizza cutter through the crisp, golden brown dough and cut me the perfect square. I'd walk through the streets of my neighborhood, licking my fingers and savoring a memory that has kept me standing in line at that same bakery every Sunday morning for the past 40 years.

Like so many neighbors from communities across the country, our memories of days past run deep. They keep us connected to the people and places that we will always call home.

Over the years, my sister and I have spoken with hundreds of people all with the same unique stories of this area and its people. We are very happy to be able to share some of these tales with you. That's what Philadelphia RowHome Magazine is all about. In addition to the lifestyles and traditions that make this community so unique, it's about spotlighting the people the businessmen and women who have been serving this area for generations. Skilled professionals architects, designers, builders and contractors who renovate, refurbish and rebuild our homes, our businesses, our schools, our lives. It's about the store owners we see every day from the coffee shops that serve us our first cup of brew to the bakers, chefs, locksmiths, florists and butchers that cater to our every need. They cook for us, clean for us, watch our children, starch our shirts and keep our closets full of fine shoes and clothing. They deliver our furniture, install our carpets, sell our homes and fix our cars. They are the main reasons why our region has remained as strong as it has been since row homes first lined the streets.

If it's been awhile since you've taken a walk through your own neighborhood, do yourself a favor. Park your car and take to the streets. Stop in a local hardware store for that new set of keys you've been meaning to make. Skip take-out next Tuesday. Make a reservation at the corner restaurant. If you're renovating your home, ask your contractor to show you some of the materials available through local suppliers. Merchants in this town are loyal, not only to the customers they serve, but to each other. They research, recommend and refer people, products and services from throughout the region. It's an incredible phenomenon and one that we can only attribute to the warmth and sincerity of our hometown residents.

We hope that Philadelphia RowHome Magazine continues to serve you well. It's a true labor of love and a tribute to a neighborhood that has shaped many lives, especially our own. Consider our publication an open invitation to be part of another family-owned venture, another RowHome Grown specialty. Our network of advertisers is strong and spans the region. Our subscribers hail from near and far- from South Philadelphia to Anchorage, Alaska.


And we will continue to invite businesses and neighbors from throughout the region to join our loyal RowHome network. River to River, from South Philadelphia to the Jersey Shore, Philadelphia RowHome Magazine continues to be Our neighborhood's official business & lifestyles magazine. Thank you for your continued support!


Dorette & Dawn, Publishers

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